Sustainable destinations in Scandinavia

Staying close to home for the summer holiday has several benefits. First and foremost, it is a more ecological way of spending your vacation as it is synonymous with a lower carbon footprint and less pollution. Not to mention the fact that you can save a ridiculously amount of money and avoid the overwhelming chaos that takes place in some of the world’s most touristic areas. 

If you find these benefits appealing, we suggest that you stay within Scandinavia this holiday season. While many exotic holiday destinations may be on your bucket list, you will be pleased to discover that a “Staycation” close to home can actually feel like a world away.

If you happen to live in Denmark, Norway or Sweden, some of the world’s most cozy and sustainable experiences are just a stone’s throw away, and whether you are planning a staycation, or just want some inspiration on eco-friendly places to travel, we have gathered a few new bucket list ideas for you below: 

The Treehotel // Sweden

Want to enjoy nature in unconventional rooms set high up in the trees? If yes, then Treehotel is a must-visit. Located in Lapland in Northern Sweden, you will find a world class destination for nature lovers. Treehotel is a sustainable hotel, and as the name suggests, all of its seven rooms are set above the ground, designed to minimize impact on local wildlife. All rooms are designed by famous Scandinavian architects and each room has its own story to tell. Some rooms are designed to blend into the landscape, like Mirror Cube and Bird’s Nest, and others look more like art installations, like UFO or The Blue Cone. Quite impressive, don’t you think?



Treehotel is nestled in the unspoiled nature of the Lule River valley and the hotel offers walks in the area where you can experience Sweden’s rich wildlife firsthand. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to spot a moose in the densely wooded landscape? If you are more of the active type, there are also plenty of opportunities to explore the valley’s stunning habitat while kayaking, hiking or biking.

Pssst… If you go between September and March, you might even be lucky enough to see the Northern light.

Wanås restaurant hotel // Sweden

Located in Skåne in south of Sweden, just an hour and a half away from Copenhagen, you will find Wanås restaurant hotel: the perfect organic and sustainable escape.

Wanås restaurant hotel grounds in a historical estate from the 18th century that has been refurbished, combining contemporary Nordic design with mid-century classics.



The hotel features 11 cozy rooms that set the scene for moments boosting relaxation and ”hygge” with an inspiring mix of contemporary art, vintage furniture and natural materials, including oak and leather from the farm. So, if you’re fond of interior design and architecture, this is definitely the place to go! 

Before you go and enjoy a sustainable dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, we suggest you check out the Wanås sculpture park. Here, you’ll find more than 70 art installations from the likes of Ann Hamilton, Yoko Ono, Hannelie Coetzee or Robert Wilson. A true paradise for all art-lovers!

Wanås’ restaurant adds a whole new dimension to the principle of “eating local”. Located in a converted 18-century barn, the restaurant has a “farm-to-table” approach when it comes to sustainable food. The seasonal menu reflects the hotel restaurant’s surroundings, and on the menu, you’ll find delicious dishes made from the forest to forage mushrooms, locally grown vegetables and meat and dairy produce from its organic farm (all varying depending on the season, of course).



Naturbyn // Sweden

If you are the outdoorsy type, we promise that a staycation in Naturbyn will not disappoint you. Naturbyn is situated by lake Eldan, in a forest 200 kilometers North from Gothenburg and here you’ll find cute little cabins for rent. All five cabins are different from one another.

One cabinet is floating around the middle of lake Eldan and has its own little deck with a bench and a built-in fireplace for cooking. This cabin can only be accessed with a canoe. Other cabins are, similar to the Treehotel, set among the treetops but come in a more traditional wooden design. So, if you always had a childhood dream of staying in a treehouse, this might be your chance. By the way, all cabins are hand built from locally produced wood – how cool is that?

Despite Naturbyns’ remote location, there is plenty of stuff to do at this adorable holiday village - especially if you are the adventurous type. Here, you will be able to do anything from cooking in open fire in a Viking-style dining hall, to go for a swim in a wood-fired hot tub. Or why not jump into the Eldan lake for a refreshing swim, and warm up in the cozy, wood-fired sauna afterwards?

If you are into camping and fond of nature and adventure, you need to add this place to your bucket list ASAP.

And did we mention that with no WIFI and no electricity whatsoever, this stunning place will give you a rare chance to truly enjoy the surroundings and switch off from the digital world… at least for a while.

Happy ecofriendly travelling!

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