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When curating our sustainable brands and game changers, we’ve looked closely at their focus on design, craftsmanship and sustainability. What we’re looking for is a commitment to making a difference and a clear set of values that flow through the entire value chain.

Each brand we present has a clear sustainable ambition and each of their products must contribute to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The sustainability approach of each brand has been assessed by looking into the overall sustainability goals and methods, certifications on a brand level, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and lastly whether the brand was founded on the notion of sustainability or a work in progress type of approach.

In our brand community, you will find a mix of both upcoming and more established Scandinavian brands. They all have a genuine desire to make a change in this world. Sustainability is, therefore, the common determinator for both our consumers and our brands.

Now it’s your time to be a part of the change!

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