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This depends on which brand(s) you have ordered your goods from. We represent an array of different brands who all have their own shipping arrangement and preferred delivery method. For each brand, we have clearly marked the expected delivery time on their brand site. For more information on brands, see here.

In short: Yes. Shipping is always going to be an issue when trying to be as sustainably minded as possible. We are continuously seeking to improve our shipping policy. We have taken the first step by ensuring that your order goes straight from the brand(s) warehouse to your doorstep without the usual middleman (third party vendor). Moreover, we are looking into how we can - for now – neutralise the carbon footprint related to the shipping of your goods. In the long run, we aim to have a positive carbon footprint. For more on our Green Shipping Policy, click here.

We’re glad you ask! This is such a difficult topic. What is sustainability really, and how do we label sustainable materials? In order to be as transparent as possible, we’ve summed it all up here and will continue to build on our Material Guide which you can find here.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out on If you know of any materials that are not yet on the list, we hope you will give us a helping hand by letting us add it to the guide. Please e-mail all info on materials to

The carefully curated sustainable brands in our portfolio are a part of have been chosen based on their strong aesthetics and their approach to sustainability. As we strive for a clear profile of consciously minded brands with eye-catching designs, we have been forced to rule out brands that do not fit our criteria. Please see The Comarché Framework for more information on how we assess brands in terms of their sustainable profile.

As a company, is based in Copenhagen. However, as we represent brands from various countries, you can expect to have receive a parcel from any Scandinavian country. We continuously add sustainable brands to our portfolio, so this might change soon. We hope to include brands from all over Europe within the nearest future.

We have deliberately chosen not to offer free returns. There are two main reasons for this: First and foremost: We all need to understand that an extra round of shipping means more strain on the environment. We 100% understand if you are not satisfied with a product, if you need a different size or similar. But we encourage you to think long and hard about the products you buy from us. Current consumption patterns continue to push free returns. But this is not viable. Neither for environment nor for the brand as returns are expensive. However, we do of course wish to be as welcoming as possible.

Should you have any questions before buying a product, please contact us on and we will do our very best to assist you.

Should you unexpectedly wish to return your product, you are more than welcome to do so by ordering a return label. For more info on returns, please see our Return Policy here.

Returns can take up to 14 days to process. As soon as we receive word from the vendor that your return has safely arrived, we will return the funds to your bank account. For more on our Return Policy please see here.

All items with active buy buttons on this site are in stock and ready to ship from the vendor directly after you’ve placed your order.

However, we are working on the possibility to include pre-orders, as we believe it is an essential part of sustainability when allowing brands to more accurately produce products and avoid over-production of certain items.

You can always track the items in your order by following the tracking number sent to you by

Should you experience any problems whatsoever, please feel free to reach out to us on We´re here to help and will answer within 24 hours.

In case you wish to entirely cancel an order, please reach out to us as soon as possible on

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