When trying to be as sustainably minded as possible and building an online platform at the same time, shipping is always going to be an issue. We are continuously seeking to improve our shipping policy and will aim for the stars when it comes to finding the best solution for the environment and for you as a consumer.

So far, we have taken the first step towards a better solution by ensuring that your order goes straight from the brand(s) warehouse to your doorstep without the usual middleman (third party vendor). This means that we’ve at least omitted one step in the shipping chain.

Moreover, we are looking into how we can - for now – neutralise the carbon footprint related to the shipping of your goods. In the long run, we aim to have a negative carbon footprint.


As we represent an array of sustainable brands, we cannot - yet – guarantee you that your order will be shipped in sustainable packaging. However, as we only work with brands that we trust, we know that they are doing the very best they can to find the optimum solution for their packaging.

We are currently working on a joint solution that all brands at The Comarché can take advantage of. However, finding the right material that is fit for anything from body lotion to bodystockings to baby nests is a bit of an issue. We will continue to update this site, so stay tuned for more on our quest for the best solution for us all.

For now, please note that different brands have different packaging. Some of our brands reuse existing wrapping, some use packaging made from sustainable materials and others again are struggling to find a sustainable solution. We are all doing our best here. So please be patient, and hey, if you’ve got an idea or know just the right material to use, then send us an e-mail on info@thecomarche.com, and we’ll be sure to look into your idea.

Note when ordering vintage and secondhand: In order to save resources, orders may be sent in reused cardboard boxes and with reused box filling. But don’t worry, we'll always make sure to pack your vintage treasures properly and securely.

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