The Comarché is the online marketplace for a sustainable life. We’re an online community of sustainable brands and game changers within their respective fields of operation. That being fashion, design, lifestyle or beauty. At The Comarché we want to inspire to and reduce barriers for a more sustainable life.

About The Comarché

When we say that we’re a community, we mean it. When shopping on our platform, you are in fact supporting an independent, sustainable brand. We represent a network of sustainable brands and present all of their products in one place – right here on  

Visual appeal and sustainable resonance

At The Comarché, we are in love with beautiful products and solutions made by people with a passion for their craft and work, and with a mission to do what they love without sacrificing neither the earth, human rights, animals nor the nature surrounding us. By carefully balancing visual appeal and sustainable resonance, we’ve handpicked brands that live up to this criteria within the following five categories: Fashion, Home, Beauty, Lifestyle & Kids.

Meet the founders

With three distinctly different backgrounds, the three founders behind The Comarché came together with one joint hope: Enabling sustainable brands to truly break through and make it possible for the informed consumer to make the better choice when shopping online. 

Meet the founders - The Comarché

From left to right, co-founders: Anders Hjarnaa, Anne Marie Mondrup, Marie Engberg  // Photographer Katrine Gøth

Meet the founders

Marie Engberg  //  Co-Founder, Head of Everything Sustainable

Marie has more than 15 years of experience with sustainability, communication and design. Marie started her career in the fashion and design industry. However, after a couple of years in New York where she worked on Barack Obama's re-election campaign in 2012, she was inspired to make a significant change. 

Marie has since then dedicated herself to sustainability both as consultant and advisor as well as self-employed, with her brand YUME that Marie founded in 2017. Alongside independently forming her own brand, Marie has also helped clients of the design, hotel and hospitality field to integrate sustainability into their value chain through a sustainability focused concept development. Marie is a coveted advisor, public speaker, and moderator for events and activities where sustainability is central. 

Anders Hjarnaa  //  Co-Founder, Head of Everything Tech

Anders has over 20+ years of experience working in web development and e-commerce with a focus on technical integration and UX. Coming from commercial agencies like Juul & Stejle and Hello Group, Anders founded the web agency CPH Cloud, which specializes in e-commerce and online marketing, in 2010.

Thoughout his career, Anders has co-founded an array of web portals such as and

Anne Marie Mondrup  //  Co-Founder, Head of Everything Creative

Anne has 20 years of experience working within the field of strategic and creative consulting in the fashion and design industry. In 2005, Anne founded the company Tomorrow Management which is a management and production agency that produces campaigns for Scandinavian and International Brands as well as manages creative talents within film, still photo and styling. Tomorrow Management represents some of the best photographers and creative talents amongst others Signe Vilstrup and Helena Christensen.

In 2010, Anne published her first international magazine, Tomorrow’s Journal and in 2018 the magazine, Tomorrow’s Little Journal, followed. Most recently she published the book GENBRUGSMODE in collaboration with Red Cross and designer Soeren Le Schmidt


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