About Kodanska

Designer Marie Graff is the founder and CEO of the Danish brand Kodanska, which translates to Copenhagen Street in Czech. Coincidentally, it’s the street name where Marie lived with her family for a number of years and also where the designer got the inspiration to start her own company. With an innate creative urge and drive in entrepreneurship, she combined the colourful city of Prague with the beloved simple Nordic style, and successfully turned Kodanska into a recognized interior design brand.


Kodanska’s creations are small works of art that focus on quality, craftsmanship, aesthetic, and colour. From hand-turned ceramics to mouth-blown glass – their entire range is handmade in an iconic structure that the brand is known and loved for. Therefore, each piece has individual differences and special charms that make them truly unique. Their collections are made from the highest quality materials and developed in collaboration with their partner studio and local glassblowing factory in the heart of Prague.


Kodanska makes it easy to bring an extra splash of colour to your home decor, as their pieces complement your space beautifully without ever overpowering it. Incredibly intricate vases, drinking glasses, decanters and bowls set the scene for a fun and fresh table setting that your company will be quick to appreciate. The colour palette is well composed and allows you to create a personal expression, whether you prefer a playful take on colours or tone-on-tone shades.


Grasping for inspiration all around, Kodanska and its creative force are never far from thought to action. There is great experimentation along the way if the glass naturally develops into a new and better shape than first intended. Marie Graff's creative, constructive and pragmatic mentality breaks with the conventional and ensures that challenges are always turned into potential.

Brand Ethos

Originating from the streets of Czech Republic in the most literal sense, Kodanska is a Danish interior design company that creates and produces timeless articles for the home with a focus on quality and lively aesthetics. It’s a family business at heart, where the relationships and collaborations with suppliers, dealers and employees are forever prioritized and safeguarded. Their glassblowing partners are considered an integral part of their team and they always make sure to work collaboratively in the design process.

The comarché framework

Product lifecycle

Brand sustainability

Kodanska lives for responsible business management and goes the extra mile to have a positive impact on the world for future generations. They make lifetime products from natural quality materials so that they can be inherited and develops environmentally friendly and plastic-free packaging to accompany their long-lasting products. Kodanska always produces small collections to avoid overproduction and waste, even trying to increase circular production by reusing excess residual designs from previous collections to recreate new products.


Long Product Life Cycle

Good design is the perfect combination of function, form and visual expression, aided by the flexibility and free-hand approach needed when working with an unpredictable subject such as glass. Kodanska often rolls with the creative punches and ends in a completely different place than originally intended. They take any challenge and flip it on its head, letting the fabric dictate the design instead. These ‘beautiful mistakes’ as they like to call them, allow them to see the design from a totally different angle and find value in their flaws. Consisting of both broken glass and fabric scraps, no two products are alike, and nothing ever goes to waste. Therefore, your one-of-a-kind glass piece – unless broken or re-melted – can truly last forever!



All their products are 100% handmade, which means that the pattern, shape and colour may vary, making every single piece unique. In the production of their glass collection, all colours are mixed manually, silver dust is sprinkled by hand, and each product is mouth blown, shaped, rounded, and cropped from Bohemian glass by the individual glassblower. Their porcelain is hand-turned in the highest quality with focus on colours, organic shapes and tactile design. The glazes are mixed for individual productions and each product is therefore special in its expression. Always on the sidelines when new designs are tested and put into production, Kodanska have as many as 6 quality checks that support their high requirements. It evokes a particularly authentic and luxurious feeling when you can feel the dedication and hard work behind each and every one of their designs.


Trusted Team of Glassblowers

Every single one of Kodanska's designs has a story of craftsmanship and quality, which means that the relationship with their glassblowers is crucial for the development of the company. Visiting their partners on an approx. monthly basis, Kodanska organizes their collaboration so it accommodates the glassblowers as best as possible. They adapt the production of the collections so it provides continuous work throughout the year and not just seasonal projects. They develop ideas and designs in close collaboration with the glassblowing team, and each personal relationship is deeply cherished. Kodanska is always in ongoing dialogue about production being kept at eye level with each individual glassblower's needs, challenges and wishes.


The Comarché Notes

The ancient practice of individually mouth-blowing glassware is a slow and beautiful process. And, as with everything that takes time and intention, the results are staggeringly beautiful. Perfectly imperfect with a wavy, watery beauty – each Kodanska piece has its own distinct vibe and sensibility. The super-subtle organic difference in shape comes from human touch and free-hand creativity and we absolutely love that!

Certifications, councils and pacts

The Brand does not work with any registered certifications. Neither on brand level nor in relation to one or more phases in the Product Life Cycle as depicted in the Comarche Framework.
See here for more information on the framework.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Brand does not work actively with the Sustainable Development Goals yet.
See all Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations here.

Sustainable highlights on brand level

Product Lifecycle


The Design Phase is a crucial part of determining a product’s sustainable capabilities. We’ve chosen to highlight a few genius steps that enable a sustainable product right from the beginning.

    Material & Material Extraction

    The materials used for a certain product and how these materials come to life are of crucial importance to the sustainable capabilities we seek in products.

      Transportation of Materials

      This step relates to the transportation of the raw materials from when they are first obtained (harvested etc.) to the production site. Obviously, the closer to the production site, the better.


        Obviously, the production of a certain product has an impact on the overall level of sustainability. Luckily, many manufacturers have now taken steps towards more sustainable production methods.


          How a brand chooses to package its products will have a significant influence of the carbon impact from packaging and transportation.


            This step relates to the distribution of products when they have been produced. Obviously, the closer to the brand’s warehouse, the better.


              How you choose to use and take care of a product has a bigger impact than you think. Just think about how much longer a shirt lasts if it has been washed in the right way.

                End of life

                At this step, there is no way out and we have to find some way of discarding our product. How we discard a product will significantly influence the opportunity of reusing materials used.

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