At The Comarché, we are in love with beautiful products and solutions made by people with a passion for their craft and work, and with a mission to do what they love without sacrificing neither the earth, human rights, animals nor the nature surrounding us.

We know that sustainability means something different to each of us, and we must all find our own sustainable path in life in order to create a lasting change.

About - The Comarché

Transparency is key

As we seek transparency more than anything, each brand and product that we feature is analysed using The Comarché Framework as a guiding tool. The Comarché Framework is developed by us, and is our way of showing the many layers to sustainability.

We hope that it will enable you as a consumer to understand what is sustainable about a product. And even more importantly, we hope that you will gain an ever-evolving understanding for what sustainability really is. Because it really is a bit tricky, right?

For more information on our tool go to The Comarché Framework.


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