About Treasure Atelier Copenhagen

Treasure Atelier is a Copenhagen non-seasonal fashion brand started in 2020 by Tina Lundtoft. With Tina's curious and professional mindset, combined with her knowledge of the female consumer and experience from the fashion industry, she decided to create the most important investment a woman's wardrobe can have – timeless styles in the highest possible quality, made with a focus on sustainability and wearability.

Treasure Atelier’s non-seasonal collections strive to fit into any woman's essentials and among her most favourite basics and used styles. Their first is a 100% cashmere collection produced with a heritage cashmere manufacturer from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, focusing on timeless fashion made for all seasons.

Their second collection consists of sportswear essentials – detailed sweatshirts in bamboo fabric and everyday leggings in soft stretchy materials. All these pieces come in colours that are suitable year-round, in exquisite materials that do not tear, fade, stretch or shrink after two to three washes, thus ensuring there’s no need to replace them often.


Brand Ethos

Treasure Atelier’s mandate is simple: create clothes to transcend the seasons and work as staple items in your wardrobe all year round. They have released only two essential collections and pursue quality over quantity above anything else. They promote a sustainable mindset in everyday fashion consumption by making their items permanently available. Incredibly transparent with their usage of natural and durable materials, Treasure Atelier pride themselves in providing women with quality basics that will remain in their wardrobe for a lifetime.

The comarché framework

Product lifecycle

Brand sustainability

Treasure Atelier believes in aesthetic sustainability and functional longevity, which is why they create long-lasting pieces that never go out of style. The Danish brand looks beyond short-lived trend fads and encourages you to invest in quality rather than quantity.


Long Product Life Cycle

Treasure Atelier aims to deliver high-quality wardrobe basics in exquisite, yet durable materials that do not tear, fade, stretch or shrink after a couple of washes. They want to ensure their pieces have long-lasting durability and maximum comfort. This is why the brand provides extensive advice to help you prolong the lifetime of your products and take the best possible care of the fabrics.


Natural and Plentiful Material

Their use of bamboo fibres is extremely beneficial for both people and the planet, as it is a natural fibre found in bamboo that can grow in all weather conditions and climates without requiring chemicals or irrigation. Considered one of the most sustainable plants out there, bamboo fibres have antibacterial properties, which makes the material suitable for sensitive skin, helps to reduce unpleasant smells, and maintains the same quality every time you wash it.


Social and Environmental Sustainability

A close collaboration with production is of utmost importance in meeting and surpassing industry standards of social and environmental sustainability. Therefore, their entire textile production and manufacturing process takes place at the same factory in Egypt, at a family-owned high-end manufacturer with over 35 years of experience. Committing to the environment and preserving the luscious grasslands of Kashmir, their production facility is working with partners such as the Sustainable Fibre Program to support on-the-ground efforts of reversing the desertification that has taken place in recent times.

The Comarché Notes

Brands like Treasure Atelier are demonstrating that sustainability and fashion can stylishly coexist. After a year where everyone evaluated their relationship with clothes, they encourage us to only buy clothing that is useful to our lives and pay respect to those essentials that we wear time and time again. Build the perfect sustainable wardrobe with all the key pieces you need, and never face another early morning getting-dressed crisis.

Certifications, councils and pacts

The Brand does not work with any registered certifications. Neither on brand level nor in relation to one or more phases in the Product Life Cycle as depicted in the Comarche Framework.
See here for more information on the framework.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Brand does not work actively with the Sustainable Development Goals yet.
See all Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations here.

Sustainable highlights on brand level

Product Lifecycle


The Design Phase is a crucial part of determining a product’s sustainable capabilities. We’ve chosen to highlight a few genius steps that enable a sustainable product right from the beginning.

    Material & Material Extraction

    The materials used for a certain product and how these materials come to life are of crucial importance to the sustainable capabilities we seek in products.

      Transportation of Materials

      This step relates to the transportation of the raw materials from when they are first obtained (harvested etc.) to the production site. Obviously, the closer to the production site, the better.


        Obviously, the production of a certain product has an impact on the overall level of sustainability. Luckily, many manufacturers have now taken steps towards more sustainable production methods.


          How a brand chooses to package its products will have a significant influence of the carbon impact from packaging and transportation.


            This step relates to the distribution of products when they have been produced. Obviously, the closer to the brand’s warehouse, the better.


              How you choose to use and take care of a product has a bigger impact than you think. Just think about how much longer a shirt lasts if it has been washed in the right way.

                End of life

                At this step, there is no way out and we have to find some way of discarding our product. How we discard a product will significantly influence the opportunity of reusing materials used.

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