About Wehlers

Wehlers is a sustainable furniture brand inspired by Danish design tradition in which honesty, function and minimalistic craftsmanship are of key importance. Wehlers furniture is for the conscious consumer and is desgined to be reused at any point in the future.

Wehlers’ mission is to change the furniture industry for the good and to reduce the worlds environmental impact by ensuring a circle-of-life for all their products. All their furniture is designed with the end in mind whether it be repairing, reusing or recycling.

The comarché framework

Product lifecycle

Brand sustainability

Wehlers is a reaction to how the world today follows the linear “take, make, dispose” model that relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy. Wehlers therefore designs furniture made with recycled or sustainably sourced materials. A circular economy is an important part of their design solution and they insist that their furniture is repaired, reused, and recycled during and after “end of life-cycle".

Wehlers provide an option for conscious consumption and every material that they use is therefore carefully selected. The company uses everything from upcycled ocean plastic, recycled steel, FSC-certified wood and recycled textile to create good quality sustainable furniture. The Wehlers chair R.U.M., short for ‘Re-Used Materials’, is a chair made entirely from ocean plastic and recycled waste by upcyling fishing nets.

All Wehlers furniture is taken back for re-use and re-cycling to prevent landfill and excess use of resources. This is all about closing the loop.

As a company, Wehlers is certified B Corp furniture brand. This means that Wehlers meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountablity to balance purpose and profit.

Brand Ethos

Caring for people and planet is at the centre of everything that Wehlers does. The brand is an early adopter of a closed loop approach of building a brand which is why they are a true Hero brand in our universe.

The Comarché Notes

Not many know that that this is a brand that truly practices what it preaches. Did you know that Wehlers is Europe’s first certified B-corporation furniture brand?

Sustainable highlights on brand level

  • This indicates that the brand has taken an active stand in relation to labour relations between workers and employers.

  • This indicates that the brand has actively sought out Fair Working Conditions for the producers of its product(s).

Product Lifecycle


The Design Phase is a crucial part of determining a product’s sustainable capabilities. We’ve chosen to highlight a few genius steps that enable a sustainable product right from the beginning.

    Material & Material Extraction

    The materials used for a certain product and how these materials come to life are of crucial importance to the sustainable capabilities we seek in products.

      Transportation of Materials

      This step relates to the transportation of the raw materials from when they are first obtained (harvested etc.) to the production site. Obviously, the closer to the production site, the better.


        Obviously, the production of a certain product has an impact on the overall level of sustainability. Luckily, many manufacturers have now taken steps towards more sustainable production methods.


          How a brand chooses to package its products will have a significant influence of the carbon impact from packaging and transportation.


            This step relates to the distribution of products when they have been produced. Obviously, the closer to the brand’s warehouse, the better.


              How you choose to use and take care of a product has a bigger impact than you think. Just think about how much longer a shirt lasts if it has been washed in the right way.

                End of life

                At this step, there is no way out and we have to find some way of discarding our product. How we discard a product will significantly influence the opportunity of reusing materials used.

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