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Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, Zèta designs vegan sneakers with the lowest possible environmental impact! Wanting to prove that using natural or organic materials is no longer enough, Zèta limits the creation of new materials by promoting the re-use of existing waste – viticulture waste called pomace, composed of grape skins, pup, stems and seeds. Therefore, grape leather is vegetable leather made from all the leftover material that cannot be used after the grape harvest. It is extremely resistant, naturally impermeable, and it requires minimal water and vegetable tanning alternatives. Their zero-waste sneakers make no compromise between quality, comfort, and ecology – a great way to respect your values ​​without sacrificing your style!


Fittingly designed in the city of wine, Bordeaux, their shoes are handmade in the region of Porto, Portugal, with great respect for the people. The brand places human relations at the heart of their values by getting to know each of their craftsmen and partners. Wanting to build collaborative relationships based on mutual trust and recognition, they work with a Portuguese family workshop that has been making shoes for almost 30 years. By choosing to work solely with European partners, Zèta benefits from their know-how for elegant and quality finishing touches, as well as minimizes their carbon footprint.

The comarché framework

Product lifecycle

Brand sustainability

Grape leather was born out of Zèta’s desire to reclaim and repurpose waste from the winemaking industry, and educate people on this innovative, responsible, and plentiful alternative to leather. Beyond the ethical aspect, the brand is aware of the real ecological impact. The production of animal leather is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases, so producing vegan shoes from grapes is a zero-waste approach that is neither harmful to the environment nor to people’s health. As a genuinely ethical substitute for animal leather, this Global Recycled Standard certified material gives a second life to 850 million tonnes of grape marc produced each year during the harvest. Grape leather utilizes and repurposes waste materials, thereby extending the utility of the grapes and making the winemaking process more circular. By relaying the step-by-step production process, Zèta proudly demonstrates how one single pair of their Alpha sneakers recycles 3kg of waste.


Rather than using petroleum-based materials such as polyester or drawing on already limited natural resources, Zèta selects only quality-recycled materials to create their line of footwear. The exterior of the shoe is made in a grape plant material, which consists of 72% grape and 28% water-based polyurethane – the most sustainable kind on the market. The sneakers also feature a 70% recycled synthetic rubber sole and a 100% recycled cork removable insole, both of which are made from industrial waste. The laces are natural cotton made of 100% recycled plastic, and the inner lining is 100% mesh made from plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean. Consistently sustainable down to their packaging, their shoeboxes are either recycled cardboard, or FSC and PEFC certified birch wood. Furthermore, if your shoes are too worn or too damaged for repair, Zèta takes them back and transforms them into green fuel thanks to Gebetex. Absolutely nothing goes to waste if you choose Zèta footwear!


Brand Ethos

Knowing far too well how backwards and opaque the fashion industry really is, Zèta is committed to do things the right way! Their zero-waste sneakers made from grape leather are vegan, eco-responsible, and recycled. The brand’s mission is to create a circular economy by repurposing materials at the end of their life, without generating additional waste. They try to keep a mindful approach to footwear design, with sustainability, functionality, and purpose as their main drivers.

The Comarché Notes

We are so excited to welcome Zèta and their vegan sneakers to our curated sustainable collection! Handmade with love using the most innovative vegan grape leather, their shoes are designed with an innate understanding of the modern wardrobe essential. Zèta created something that is truly sustainable without sacrificing style. Plus, their plant-based material is so advanced and luxurious, you won’t even be able to tell the difference! The shoes fit true to size. We advise you to pick your regular size. If you hesitate between two sizes, make sure to pick the smaller one.

Sustainable highlights on brand level

Product Lifecycle


The Design Phase is a crucial part of determining a product’s sustainable capabilities. We’ve chosen to highlight a few genius steps that enable a sustainable product right from the beginning.

    Material & Material Extraction

    The materials used for a certain product and how these materials come to life are of crucial importance to the sustainable capabilities we seek in products.

      Transportation of Materials

      This step relates to the transportation of the raw materials from when they are first obtained (harvested etc.) to the production site. Obviously, the closer to the production site, the better.


        Obviously, the production of a certain product has an impact on the overall level of sustainability. Luckily, many manufacturers have now taken steps towards more sustainable production methods.


          How a brand chooses to package its products will have a significant influence of the carbon impact from packaging and transportation.


            This step relates to the distribution of products when they have been produced. Obviously, the closer to the brand’s warehouse, the better.


              How you choose to use and take care of a product has a bigger impact than you think. Just think about how much longer a shirt lasts if it has been washed in the right way.

                End of life

                At this step, there is no way out and we have to find some way of discarding our product. How we discard a product will significantly influence the opportunity of reusing materials used.

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