Pre-order handmade coffee-colored yarn

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The wool is from sheep grazing in the mountains. The women in the cooperative clean the wool with water from the mountains and then color the wool with coffee grounds to give a slightly golden nougat color. The coffee grounds are collected from local coffee shops, where we help them with a product that is finished for them, but for us still contains useful resources. After the dye, resources remain in the coffee grounds so it is used as nourishment for plants and trees, thus providing a green circular balance.



100g approx 80 m Stick 8 9 m x 13 rows = 10 cm. 100% wool Hand wash only

*The package includes:

10 x 100 gr Coffee-colored wool yarn + free leather project bag.


Free Project bag when buying 1 Kg of coffee-coloured yarn:


Pre-order of yarn - 10 keys + free project bag:

The borders in Morocco are currently closed due to COVID-19. By pre-ordering yarn, you confirm that you will receive the yarn and the leather bag when the borders open. 1-2 weeks delivery is expected after the borders reopen. Your purchase is a pre-order and is therefore made to you, which means there is no right of withdrawal once you have confirmed your purchase. You will be kept updated on mail about status.

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Pre-order handmade coffee-colored yarn
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