The Bookbox: Leather - Lavender - Fusion

The Bookbox: Leather - Lavender - Fusion / The Bookbox: Leather - Lavender - Fusion
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The Bookbox is our bestselling box and was the first of August Sandgren?s aesthetic boxes for storage. Both the leather and the fabric version is useful at home and in the office for both smaller and larger piles of clutter. The Bookbox comes in three sizes, and a removable inlay to divide the box into smaller compartments, can be purchased to the large Bookbox. The Bookbox is made from natural surplus materials, meaning sometimes there is small colour variations between batches and smaller ? almost invisible ?  natural marks. We call it perfectly imperfect. 

The leather box is named ?The Bookbox? as it takes its origin from the beautiful old book-boxes, in which people would place their most valuable books to take extra good care of them.

Dimensions: 21/16/9 cm 
Material: 100% aniline leather. 
Colour: Lavender on the exterior and blackberry on the interior. 
Production location: Handmade in Portugal

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The Bookbox: Leather - Lavender - Fusion
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