The Paper Notebook - Beige - A5

The Paper Notebook - Beige - A5 / The Paper Notebook - Beige - A5
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The paper notebook is designed and crafted to fit our leather notebook cover and is a story in its own right. It is designed by the talented architect and designer, Olivia Chylinski from The Brown Paper Movement. The notebook is made from recycled certified paper and all aspects of functionality has been thoroughly thought through. 

At first it was meant to be sold with the leather cover only, but the paper notebook became an object in its own right and therefore, it is now available for purchase as your primary notebook or as refill for your leather notebook cover.

At present it comes in beige with off-white lined pages.

Dimensions: 21/15 cm (A5)
Material: 100% recycled certified paper. 
Colour: Beige cover and off-white pages.
Production location: Handmade in Portugal.

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The Paper Notebook - Beige - A5
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