The Wild Swans • Backdrop Earrings

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The Wild Swans Earrings are inspired by H.C. Andersen’s famous paper cuttings and The Wild Swans fairytale. Alongside his writing, Andersen was an expert paper cutter. In a letter to his friend, Andersen wrote: "... to cut, is the first beginning of the poetry ...". In his lifetime, he created countless intricate designs for children and adults alike. Some say they were physical representations of the fairy tale worlds he created.
Sold as a pair. This is a 2-in-1 earring - you will receive both a regular backstopper and a sparkling zirconia backdrop.

Material: Silk matte 22K gold plated 925 sterling silver • with a backdrop chain with white zirconia
Measurements: Width 13mm / Length 42mm (incl. Length of backdrop)

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The Wild Swans • Backdrop Earrings

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